Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth Fixed At OptiSmile

Reasons for teeth breaking include:

One of your teeth has a large cavity hidden under the enamel, which eventually gives way and exposes the hole.
Cracked tooth syndrome, which is when you have minuscule cracks under the gum line, only visible using a microscope.

How we can help you:

  1. Our Leica microscope detects even the smallest cracks so that we can use our CEREC device to repair the hole or fracture.
  2. A shifted tooth that is inflamed is gently polished or filed down so that the teeth are aligned again.
  3. If a nerve needs treatment, this will be detected by our microscope and the tooth will be repaired using CEREC.
  4. If a tooth is beyond repair, don’t despair. It can be removed and replaced with an implant.

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