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With over 100 five star reviews on Google, I personally guarantee that my OptiSmile team will make you smile with confidence and vitality. Your optimal oral health is our priority. Call, email or WhatsApp today for an appointment.


Smile with Invisalign™

Have you always wanted straighter teeth without metal braces? Genuine, original Invisalign with over 7 million satisfied patients worldwide. 3D printed clear aligners from the USA can straighten your teeth in 6 months.  Dr Harris Smeyatsky has over 15 years of experience in using original Invisalign. Call for a no-charge Invisalign consultation.

Brighten Your Smile

Genuine, original Philips ZOOM Teeth Whitening remove stains and discoloration, lightens teeth and greatly improves how they look. Our hygienist Emma King is South Africa’s leading expert in ZOOM. Call for a no-charge consultation to see what ZOOM can do for you. 

Bleeding Gums – Periodontal disease?

Do you have bleeding gums, bad breath or loose teeth…you need a periodontist specialist. Periodontists also place implants and restore receding gums. OptiSmile can help.

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New patients welcome package! Save over R1000 on a comprehensive exam with the dentist, panoramic x-ray, intra-oral photos and cleaning with our OptiSmile oral hygienist. Please call for details.

Who knew going to the dentist could
be so painless?

Meet The Numbing Wand, making painful injections a thing of the past with computer assisted anesthesia.




A wealth of experienced national and international dental professionals are available at Optismile.


At OptiSmile, we’re committed to working with what is there before damaging any existing structures.


Tired of your fillings falling out? We do it right the first time for the best lasting results. Service 100% guaranteed.


We have plenty of parking and are on major transport routes in The Point Mall, Sea Point.


For dental or orthodontic procedures not covered by standard medical aid rates, dental finance options are available.


All of our procedures use top dental technology.


No need for embarrassment! As dentists, we see these dental problems every day and are here to help without judgement.


Bleeding Gums

No need to panic, you probably need to see an oral hygienist.

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Missing Teeth

Are there gaps in your grin? Teeth are lost through a number of causes.

Learn more


Bad Breath

Halitosis making you avoid “h” words? Hang on, help is here.

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CEREC Reconstruction

Computerised dentistry – CEREC crowns, inlays, onlays and implants.

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With the latest in dental technology, we have a range of dental procedures at our disposal to ensure your best dental health.


Invisalign Clear Braces

Get straight teeth without unsightly braces and less pain.

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Amalgam Filling Removal

Replace your old metal fillings with tooth coloured fillings.

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Teeth Whitening

Both one hour in-chair and take home teeth whitening options available.

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Broken Teeth

A bit ragged in the tooth? We aim to conserve rather than extract.

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  • Michael Dutenhöfner
    Michael Dutenhöfner

    18:49 05 Nov 19

    Have had a great experience at the practice today! Emma was amazing and did a fantastic job with a professional teeth cleanse and explained in details all about teeth whitening. Dr. Clifford takes a lot of time to meet his patients and has the highest standard to quality, consultation and the equipment I have ever witnessed in a dental practice. If I could give 6 stars, I would. Highly recommended!read more

    joshua gofman
    joshua gofman

    06:55 01 Nov 19

    Just got my teeth cleaned! The dental hygienist was gentle, unrushed and caring. The dental-hygiene operatory was spacious and facing the ocean, the practice is spotless, modern and brimming with the most upto date dental technology. The admin staff is super friendly and accommodating. You would expect this in LA and New York, not Cape Town. Just wow!read more

    Omega Dega
    Omega Dega

    17:33 31 Oct 19

    I just finished my second and final appointment with Dr. Clifford Yudelman at Optismile. I moved from the U.K. to Cape Town 5 years ago and continued to visit my dentist in the U.K. as I was apprehensive about finding a new dentist here. Well that was a BIG mistake. Clifford is not only the best Dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being seen by but he is also an artist, the Michelangelo of dentistry, with an eye for the smallest detail. And he’s a wonderful guy to boot! Beautiful work. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you to Clifford and the team at Optismile (special mention to Emma who gave me the best teeth whitening treatment I’ve ever had!). Can’t stop smiling 😬.read more

    Karin Moor
    Karin Moor

    09:55 20 Oct 19

    It’s been a while since my first visit (30/09/2019) and follow up appointment (08/10/2019), and while I’ve always gone for “economical” decided, after recommendations and seeing reviews that I’d give OptiSmile a go. All I can say is I’m really pleased I did. From walking into the premises which are the most modern and up to date I’ve ever been in, helpful, friendly staff and meeting Clifford, I was blown away. Every detail of what would follow was explained and during my 2nd appointment I actually watched as an “inlay” for my tooth was made. It’s now been over a week and a half and all I can say is I’m thrilled I made the choice I did. You certainly get what you pay for!
    Thanks to you all.
    read more

    Asheeqah TNC Solomons
    Asheeqah TNC Solomons

    21:43 24 Sep 19

    The level of service I received on Monday was phenomenal. I felt proud about the mission and vision Optismile engages. The office space is innovative full of technology to assist you with all your needs you require for your dental treatments. The indepth information on each option I have now to suit my needs and apply to my budget was spectacular. Thank you to the Staff and a special thanks to Wedaad and Dr Clifford. Once again Thank you so muxhread more

    Migal Vanas
    Migal Vanas

    13:12 01 Aug 19

    Surpassed any expectations I’ve ever had dealing with a dentist or practice. State of the art equipment and facilities (with lovely view to match) coupled with really personal friendly service. Impressive.read more

    Zane Davies
    Zane Davies

    09:45 26 Jul 19

    Friendly and Professional Dentist with excellent facilities. Really happy I found them and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Great service and great results!read more

    Pieter Pavier
    Pieter Pavier

    16:10 23 Jul 19

    Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL experience. Professional & SUPER friendly. By far the best dental practice I’ve been to.

    Sim Mba
    Sim Mba

    00:52 11 Jul 19

    I tried the experience without any real miracle expectation I must admit. But to my greatest surprise, I looked in the mirror one day after only a few months and saw a totally different me. I could smile again with full confidence…It’s a life changer! I would recommend it and do it over again if I had to. Thanks again!
    Simon M. Kinshasa, DRC.
    read more

    Disha Smith
    Disha Smith

    18:33 21 May 19

    If I had only one word to describe my experience at OptiSmile, it would be incredible! From the minute I walked in, I was warmly greeted and welcomed with a smile by the staff. I felt so welcome and relaxed. Dr. Yudelman was my dentist and he was fantastic! I’ve been to several dentists throughout my life and he was the best. He paid great attention to my needs and concerns. He was friendly and warm. He really listened to my concerns and was able to create a very personalized plan for my teeth. All of the staff is very experienced and all of the technology is very advanced. At one point, Dr. Yudelman called over Dr. Harris to take a look at a problem tooth. Dr. Harris was extremely busy and still took the time to come over and check on me. The service here is fantastic and everyone takes great pride in making you happy. I 100% recommend OptiSmile to everyone!!read more

    Greig Swanepoel
    Greig Swanepoel

    17:15 21 Apr 19

    Very thorough, professional service. They have all the newest technology in order to accurately diagnose and assess problems. They are also very honest and will give you the best advice for your unique situation. I highly recommend visiting OptiSmile.read more

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    30th June 2019

    Having beautiful looking teeth that make you want to smile is easier than you think! Good oral care: Firstly, good oral hygiene is essential. A clean and healthy mouth is always more appealing….not just to you but to those around you. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and having regular oral hygiene and […]

    16th August 2018

    Take Better Care Of Your Teeth! Brushing twice a day is not enough anymore when your aim is to keep your teeth in perfect condition. We all want our teeth to last us a lifetime, but the sad truth is that not all of us are committed to strict oral hygiene practices. Emergency dental services […]

    7th July 2018

    OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry in Sea Point believes in daily brushing and flossing to help remove food particles and bacteria to protect your teeth and gums. Dental Sealants prevents tooth decay and can also stop decay in its earliest stages. Dental sealants can protect against tooth decay by preventing food particles and bacteria settling on the […]

    3rd July 2018

    Braces At Optismile we assist patients with straightening teeth and restoring smiles. However, it can be challenging to clean your teeth when in braces. This increases your risk of having gum disease, decay and bad breath. We offer Invisalign Clear Aligners to get results faster than conventional braces. It is perfect for adults and teens that are looking […]

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