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What If You Were Guaranteed a Pain-Free Dentistry Experience?

Conscious sedation and the comfort it brings is something we provide to our patients at OptiSmile. Whether sedation for tooth extraction or simply numbing a small area to totally put you at ease we have the means to ensure you experience pain-free dentistry in Cape Town

Minimal Sedation

Moderate Sedation

Deep Sedation

What Is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a type of anaesthesia used in medical/dental offices. It is a safe and modern technique of anaesthesia using an intravenous medication and is typically used for minor surgeries or for shorter, less complex procedures when an injection of local anaesthetic isn’t sufficient, but deeper general anaesthesia isn’t necessary. It can be described as a partial suppression of consciousness. The goal of conscious sedation is to control anxiety and pain. A sedation practitioner will administer certain drugs to reduce anxiety/pain during the procedure as well as drugs that will help with post-operative pain control if any. 

How Convenient Is Conscious Sedation?

Unlike general anaesthesia which renders patients unconscious, conscious sedation allows patients to respond to their dentist‘s instructions, depending on the level of sedation. Patients usually have no recollection of the procedure. Generally, children over 3 years old are good candidates for this type of procedure. Conscious sedation lessens the child’s awareness of the dental procedure. A sedative (premed) may be prescribed for children to take one hour before the dental procedure under conscious sedation. 


A happier child hence maintains a more positive attitude about future dental care. Anxious adults and patients who have had bad dental experiences are great candidates for sedation.


Conscious sedation is provided by a trained anaesthetist who monitors patients throughout the procedure. Vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and oxygen saturation are monitored throughout the procedure. Special care and continuous monitoring of patients under anaesthesia/sedation enhance patients’ safety, especially for those patients who have systemic medical conditions. 


Pain Free dentistry - Comfort and Cost Effective

Conscious sedation presents a cost-effective alternative to general anaesthetic (in certain procedures). It is an ideal alternative for the anxious patient who dreads a traumatic theatre experience. Patients are placed in a relaxed, comfortable state allowing dental care to be provided without fear or anxiety. There is little if any memory of the procedure. Not only is anxiety minimized, but patients are also back on their feet sooner, without the long recovery period of a general anaesthetic. The side effects experienced with conscious sedation are much less than with a general anaesthetic – very few patients experience any side effects at all.


Minimal Sedation

Minimal sedation helps patients relax, whilst likely being awake. A patient is likely to respond to questions and follow instructions. This level of sedation is typically used when the practitioner needs the patient to be involved in the procedure.

Moderate Sedation

Patients feel drowsy and may even fall asleep during the procedure. Patients may or may not remember some of the procedure. This level of sedation is typically used when the practitioner does not needs the patient to be involved but still conscious.

Deep Sedation

Patients will not be unconscious, but will sleep through the procedure and will have little or no memory of it. This level of sedation provides the a comprehensive state of relaxation and comfort completely eliminating anxiety on ever level.

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