Smile Tips Help Achieve Beautiful Looking Teeth

Smile Tips Help Achieve Beautiful Looking Teeth 1

Having beautiful looking teeth that make you want to smile is easier than you think!

Good oral care:

Firstly, good oral hygiene is essential. A clean and healthy mouth is always more appealing….not just to you but to those around you. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and having regular oral hygiene and dental check ups all help to ensure a healthy mouth and definitely helps towards achieving a healthier body.

Oral health always comes first, so any cosmetic work should take a back seat until their is no more infection in your mouth, such as decay or inflamed / infected gums.

Brushing your tongue is also something that needs to be done twice a day, and there are great tongue scrapers on the market to help you control the bacteria and debris that can collect and cause bad breath.

Water / Chewing gum:

Drink plenty of water and chew sugar free, preferably xylitol chewing gums especially after meals that are high in acid and natural sugars e.g. coffee, pineapple, lemon, vinegars, fruits. Only chew until the flavour is gone, just enough to stimulate the saliva and neutralize the pH in the mouth.

Never brush immediately after eating or drinking anything with high acid or sugar as it causes chemical erosion on the tooth surface and you can brush away the enamel more easily this way.

Breakfast is the worst time as we often rush and brush and head off to work. Rather brush first, and use a good mouthwash after breakfast and head to work, or wait 30 minutes and then brush.

Teeth Whitening:

When it comes to whitening your teeth, always speak to your dental professional. Whitening products over the counter can be very acidic and abrasive, whereas most professional ones that are used according to your hygienist or dentist’s instructions will not cause damage to the teeth or gums.

Toothpastes and mouthwashes can remove surface stains only but professional whitening, known as bleaching, change the internal colour of the teeth, giving you a beautiful pearly white smile. Each mouth has a different whitening potential and you can’t simply choose the colour you would like your teeth to be.

Your dental clinician should be able to guide you here, but if its glow in the dark, light up pitch black alley type teeth you are looking for, then you can only achieve that with crowns and veneers.

Old fillings:

Replacing old and discoloured fillings is a also easier than you think. Discuss doing this after your whitening so they can match them to your newly brightened smile.

.Smile Tips Help Achieve Beautiful Looking Teeth 2


Correcting overlapping / crowding teeth also helps improve the way you smile, the way you are able to clean, and of course saves the teeth from unnecessary wear from opposing teeth as a result of an incorrect bite.

This can be done using braces, or an easier method which is even more appealing to every day busy lifestyles, Invisalign. The latter is a series of clear aligners which are like hard clear trays, worn about 20-22 hours a day for 6-12 months to achieve amazing results.

We offer FREE Invisalign consultations with Dr Smeyatsky on Mondays and Wednesdays, so give reception a call on 087 702 6886 and book your free slot to see what he can do for your smile. Read up a little more here:

Emma King, our Teeth Whitening specialists also offers 20 minute FREE consultations to have a look at your teeth and gums and work out a whitening program to suit you and your teeth.


Implants have been a life saver for so many people that have lost teeth for a variety of reasons. In some cases, same day implants are possible, but most require a few appointments and even a little bone work.

We have a great periodontist, Dr Feheem Bhamjee who can help you with individual missing teeth, full mouth implant cases, and more.

No more loose dentures and restricted diets! Being able to chew your food properly is also an essential part of your overall health, so its not always just about the aesthetics. Read more here:

Lip Balms:

Lip balms help to prevent your lips from cracking and create a beautiful healthy frame around your teeth. I absolutely love the natural ones like Burt Bees, as well as the Aloe and Tea tree ones.

Check out Takelot and Faithful to Nature. Otherwise, Blistex is a must have item in your bag, car or office desk drawer! You can buy Blistex at Clicks.

If you’re thinking of an entire smile makeover then its best to combine your overall treatment with what both your dentist and oral hygienist have to offer. At Optismile we work together as a team, and we always know what the other clinicians are doing as we plan our treatment together.

Oral Hygiene / dental work:

Oral hygiene and whitening is sorted out first and any dental work is always done once the colour has settled, but thorough dental check up with X-rays and photos is required before on embarking on any dental journey. You need to wait atleast 2 weeks between bleaching and the bonding of any new fillings.

Reason to smile:

Making sure you give yourself a reason to want to smile every day is also important. Think of things that make you happy and keep doing them. There’s a definite mental side to this that shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated.

Surround yourself with good friends and loving family and make sure to take off to enjoy the more important things in life. For most people, a smile is the first thing they notice when they meet someone for the first time.

If you want your smile to be your most important feature, give us a call on 087 7026886 and book a consultation today.

Smile Tips Help Achieve Beautiful Looking Teeth 3

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