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Dental Laser Treatment

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Meet Dr Nivy Singh

We’re pleased to also have a highly qualified LASER dentist who has trained in Europe qualified on the WATERLASE and diode lasers. This is especially helpful to treat children without the need for injections or drilling. Adults are often also treated with the laser and this is very helpful for highly nervous patients. Root canal treatment is completed very quickly and effectively with laser. Old veneers are removed in minutes without the need to drill or damage the underlying tooth and beautiful new veneers can be made in house on the CAD/CAM same day.

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Optismile Is One Of The Few Practices Offering Dental Laser Treatment In Cape Town.

This goes a long way to encouraging good oral hygiene and continuous dental care, as well as improving the image of dentists with the removal of phobia-inducing drills and anaesthesia.Dental Laser Treatment is the answer to the problem of harsh, painful dental procedures. There’s nothing more scary at the dentist’s office than the buzz of the drill or the long anaesthetic needle. And no one likes walking out with a droopy, numb face.If the incessant buzzing of the drill or the prick of the needle gives you anxiety, we’ve got the solution for you.Biolase Waterlase treatment is the latest technological advancement in the battle against poor oral hygiene and harsh dental treatments. This is a blessing for oral care, allowing for gentle, minimally invasive treatment for your teeth.

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What Is Dental Laser Treatment?

Making use of Waterlase technology, a laser is used to remove cavities, infected tissue and decay from the teeth and gums. Our teeth are partially made up of water, and when the laser touches your tooth it excites the water molecules, breaking down the damaged section of tooth, gum or bone with unrivaled precision.

With Waterlase Laser Dentistry the procedure is made even more comfortable with the use of a water jet. This water jet targets the area at the same time as the laser, washing away debris and keeping the tooth cool while the laser does its job. This reduces the risk of discomfort.

Is Laser Treatment Safe For Teeth?

Yes! Dental Laser treatment is used for many dental procedures from treating cavities to removing infected portions of gum. It’s actually safer to use laser treatments for your teeth as opposed to a drill; while a laser directly targets the necessary area, a drill causes pain, heat, and can put pressure on or even chip/crack the adjacent teeth.

Drilling is also unprecise, and removes a lot of healthy tooth in the process of clearing cavities. But laser dentistry directly targets the problem area, never removing too much or too little.

What Types Of Laser Dental Procedures Are There?

Soft-tissue, otherwise known as periodontal, procedures involve the gum tissue. Laser procedures allow for superior gum care and cosmetic treatments, allowing your dentist to sculpt the gums or remove/clean infected gum tissue to promote healing. So laser dentistry can be used in a wide variety of treatments, and thanks to the nature of waterlase it’s a mostly painless experience, with minimal to no bleeding.

Hard-Tissue procedures involve the treatment of the teeth and bones. Dental lasers have no trouble sculpting the teeth, removing cavities or roughening the tooth’s surface for the placement of porcelain veneers. Procedures also include bone sculpting, tooth reshaping, and removal of old veneers. By using a laser over a drill, the procedure is kept relatively quick and painless.

For most dental laser treatments the process is virtually painless thanks to the unparalleled precision and the combination of the high pressure water jet. This negates the need for the drill and needle! But it’s important to check with your dentist before hand, as some procedures will still require anaesthetics.

By taking the drill, the needle, and the anaesthetic out of the picture, a visit to a Waterlase dentist can become a pleasant, safe experience free of the typical phobias children experience when they visit the dentist. This makes Waterlase Laser Dentistry great for kids, and does wonders to improve their perception of dental visits.

  • Reduced Dental Anxiety

Without the drill and needle, Laser Dentistry makes for a pleasant visit to the dentist, and goes a long way to reduce anxiety.

  • Minimized Bleeding and Swelling

With the use of highly concentrated light beams, any surgery done to the gums/mouth results in less bleeding and swelling, cauterizing the wound.

  • Less Chance of Infection

Waterlase laser dentistry is renowned for sterilising whatever area the laser comes in contact with, which helps keep the mouth clean. So you have less chance of infection after your surgery/dental procedure.

  • Highly Precise with Less Trauma

The precision of laser dentistry allows your dentist to target the problem area without affecting the surrounding area of teeth, gums or mouth. This avoids unnecessary loss of gum, teeth or bone.

  • Highly effective cleaning

By not only burning off tooth decay and plaque but washing it away with the high pressure water jet, Waterlase Laser Dentistry is great at cleaning your teeth!

  • Quicker procedures, Little to No Recovery Time

Because of the precision of this treatment and the lack of anaesthesia, your dentist can get straight to the point. This also allows your dentist to combine treatments and cleaning procedures, so you don’t need to keep coming back.

And by removing the drill and anaesthetic from the picture, you won’t need to deal with a sore or numb face after your visit, significantly reducing your downtime. You can get straight back into the swing of things.

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Optismile is a dental practice that thrives on the happy smiles of our customers; that’s why we’re one of the few practices to offer Dental Laser Treatment in Sea Point, Cape Town. With Biolase, Waterlase dental laser treatment, we’re here to make keeping your teeth clean and healthy a painless, pleasant experience.

If you’re considering dental laser procedures, contact Optismile now. We have a highly qualified dental team with the latest in Waterlase laser dental technology available to perform a range of laser dental procedures.

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