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Dental Inlays & Overlays

Inlays and Overlays are dental restorations that are used when treating tooth decay.

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If you’ve experienced tooth decay, your dentist may have been able to remove the decay and fill the cavity with a metal filling. However, there are times when fillings are not suitable and under these circumstances inlays and overlays are a much better option.

The Inlays And Overlays Are Crafted In A Dental Lab, And Are Then Fitted And Bonded To The Damaged Tooth. They Are Made From Porcelain And Are Used To Fill And Cover Cavities – The Inlay Is Inserted Into The Cavity To Prevent Further Damage And The Overlay Is Placed On The Surface Of The Tooth To Build It Up.

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These restorations offer a much more natural look than metal fillings – the compound is tooth coloured and they are moulded to look as close to natural teeth as possible. If you think that inlays and overlays may be the right decision for you, contact Optismile and set up a consultation with one of our experienced dentists. They will conduct a thorough examination and advise you on the best treatment options moving forward.

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