What Are The White Patches On Your Gums?

White patches on the gums can be a sign of more serious issues like leukoplakia. If you have white patches, visit the dentist for tests, diagnosis and treatment. Here’s more. Main takeaways: – Canker sores, tobacco leukoplakia, oral lichen autoimmune condition, oral thrush (Candida infection), and oral cancer all appear as white patches. – Accompanying … Read more

Why Are Wisdom Teeth So Problematic?

Why Are Wisdom Teeth So Problematic? 2

Many people experience pain when their wisdom teeth come in, but there’s a reason why these molars are problematic. Key takeaways: – Our ancestors needed these “extra” teeth to chew hard roots and tough meats, and their jaws were larger to accommodate the teeth. – Modern diets don’t require big molars, so when these teeth … Read more

The Criteria for Implant-Supported Bridge Treatment

If you meet the necessary conditions, your dentist might recommend implant-supported bridge treatment rather than a regular bridge. Where a regular bridge is supported by the surrounding teeth, the dental implants offer extra strength and security. The criteria: – You must have at least one tooth missing – There must be sufficient jawbone to support … Read more

What Periodontal Surgery Involves

What Periodontal Surgery Involves 5

Patients with gum disease that has advanced beyond mild gingivitis have periodontal disease. For them, a dentist may recommend periodontal treatment to remove concealed tartar (bacterial deposits), restore the health of the gums, and save the affected teeth. – Periodontists are specialist dentists who treat diseased gums, inflammation and any resulting damage. – Gum disease … Read more

Why Your Toddler Should Visit The Orthodontist

Parents should take their children to the dentist or orthodontist by their 7th birthday. As baby teeth fall and permanent teeth erupt, its easy for orthodontic issues like bad bites and crowded teeth to develop. Key points: – Orthodontic treatment makes it easier to clean teeth, thus enhancing oral hygiene. – Protect your child’s self-esteem … Read more

Is a Miracle Dental Jab on the Horizon?

Is a Miracle Dental Jab on the Horizon? 6

It seems that there may be a means to effectively prevent cavities from forming with a potential vaccine. What does this concoction contain? – One of the main ingredients is a bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans. – This substance is then combined with E. Coli as well as proteins referred to as flagella. – These … Read more

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