Dr Kinan Cara

Associate Dentist

Hello there, I’m Dr. Kinan, born and raised in Cape Town. I proudly earned my dental surgery bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Cape and further honed my skills during my community service at Du Noon CHC.


My passion lies in crafting captivating smiles. With each patient, my aim is to not only enhance their oral health but also to bring more happiness into their lives. Let’s work together to create beautiful, confident smiles that light up the world.

I am a dedicated dentist with a passion for enhancing smiles and improving oral health. My journey includes pursuing advanced education to ensure the highest level of care for my patients. Currently, I am diligently working towards earning a post-graduate diploma in Interceptive Orthodontics from UWC, and simultaneously, I am honing my skills through an Aesthetic Dental diploma from the prestigious Implant & Aesthetic Academy.


Beyond the realm of dentistry, I derive joy from maintaining an active lifestyle. You can frequently find me exploring new trails by running and hiking, as well as cycling through picturesque landscapes. Additionally, I cherish the quality moments spent with friends during dinners and engaging board games.



I am committed to combining my passion for dentistry with a well-rounded life, ensuring that my patients receive not only exceptional care but also the benefits of a dentist who values the importance of balance and overall well-being.