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Invisalign is the fastest growing solution for teeth straightening in the world and with the power of OptiSmile you can straighten your teeth and make 2022 your year to smile.

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How Does It Work?

Learn about the process involved in booking your first consultation with Dr. Harris Smeyatsky and everything involved in building your personalized treatment plan so you can get started.

Invisalign For Me?

Learn about the various conditions treated by Invisalign. This includes everything from overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, crowded teeth and many more.

Invisalign Results?

11 million smiles around the entire world have been saved by Invisalign Clear Aligners. View our gallery showcasing the amazing results and happy smiles from a handful of patients.

Invisalign Pricing?

Did you know Invisalign is often cheaper than traditional metal braces? Not only that but you can discuss one of many payment plans to help you start your treatment.

We’ve got you covered

Our modern approach to straightening teeth ensures our patients benefit from the most advanced dental products available in the world so you can smile with confidence and vitality. We lift the weight of an insecure smile off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Investing in your smile is one of the single most important things you could possibly do.


To understand how Invisalign works, it helps to know how traditional braces do the work of straightening a smile. Traditional metal braces use a wire attached to braces to exert a gentle force on your teeth. This encourages your gum tissue to lessen where the force is applied, and for your mouth to create new tissue where the tooth was. The total effect is as if your tooth was slowly travelling (or turning) through your gum tissue.


A similar idea is behind Invisalign. Instead of using a wire and brackets cemented onto your teeth, Invisalign clear aligners are precisely engineered to fit over your teeth while applying just a little bit of force—almost like a shoe that doesn’t quite fit. This forces your teeth to move ever-so-slightly.


Invisalign combines an enhanced form of accurate teeth straightening with the benefits of not having “train tracks” cemented onto the surface of your teeth. This allows you to eat your favorite foods and drinks while having the discreet nature of the aligners being practically invisible to the naked eye. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners
Invisalign Clear Aligners
Invisalign Logo

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Is Invisalign Right For Me?

A crossbite can be recognized when the upper teeth hold back the inside of the lower teeth and the biting is no longer. If you have a crossbite problem, it may cause various gum tissue, bone loss, or tooth chipping.


An underbite is a state when the lower teeth appear in front of the upper teeth that generally occurs when the bottom jaw forwards too far. If you have an underbite dental problem, you must be facing difficulty in speaking and eating because this condition can cause severe jaw pain.


A Overbite when your upper front teeth intersect the lower front teeth. This condition is prevalent amongst many people but usually occurs in minor forms. However, its extreme condition is known as a deep bite. Invisalign can simply fix the overbite condition of your teeth and then correct to overlap.


The jaw alignment problem occurs when the mandible or jaw bone is too far, either backward, forward, or off the center. The Invisalign has become one of the most innovative mandibular treatments to move your jaw while wearing the removable invisible aligners. 

Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After

Crowded teeth happen when there’s not enough room in the jaw for them to align correctly. As a result, people with this type of malocclusion (misaligned teeth) have overlapping teeth.  

There are numerous reasons for crooked teeth, such as inadequate space for all teeth to fit or poor myofunctional habits. Having crooked teeth can make it quite difficult to maintain dental hygiene, such as flossing or flossing teeth, leading to forming plaque or tartar on your teeth. 


Just like the issue of underbite or crossbite, the crooked teeth can also be treated with the clear Invisalign but only in its mild to moderate form. Nevertheless, the critical condition needs to be fixed with some additional orthodontic treatments to get more straight teeth.


Various problems occur from having crowded teeth. They can appear crooked, which impacts a person’s appearance and can make them feel embarrassed. Aside from lowered self-esteem, crooked teeth also complicate oral health. It’s harder to clean leftover food between crooked teeth. This makes tooth decay more likely.

The iTero Element Scanner

A Scanner That Can Predict The Future.

OptiSmile is proud to be the first dental practice in Africa to have the revolutionary iTero Element scanner.


During your first consultation Dr. Smeyatsky will scan your mouth with our powerful iTero scanner and within minutes you will have a hi-resolution 3D scan of your teeth viewing them in perfect clarity.


This special scanner produces a scan of your teeth to micron accuracy and this is uploaded via a special doctor portal directly to Invisalign in the USA. Once Harris is happy with the potential plan and degree of straightening required your scan will be uploaded through the scanner itself into the IDS Invisalign Doctor Site and things immediately start to happen behind the scenes where highly trained and qualified Invisalign technicians in the USA start to straighten your teeth virtually using the patented Invisalign software.


During your first visit you will already be able to see a virtual rendering of your brand new smile so you can clearly see your future results that will form within the coming months.


Our patients experience the future of advanced dentistry in unprecedented fashion as this power scanner shows off the aligning power of Invisalign along with exposing every problematic area within your mouth as we develop your personalized plan to straighten your smile.

"Fantastic experience from start to finish. Great reception staff and excellent dental staff. Dr Harris has been fantastic, professional and friendly which has been great for my daughter. Highly recommend the entire practice!"

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After
Invisalign Before And After

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Dr. Harris Smeyatsky

Dr Harris Smeyatsky

OptiSmile is privileged to have the highly highly qualified, Invisalign Certified Platinum Elite Level specialist Harris Smeyatsky


Harris is the only platinum level Invisalign specialist in cape Town with one other specialist in Johannesburg. 


Working in the UK for many years Harris honed his skills as an Invisalign dentist with a focus on the Itero system. The most advanced Intraoral scanner in the world there is nothing that comes close to the power and accuracy of the scanner in our practice. Coupled with the clinical skills and attention to detail Genuine Invisalign and Harris Smeyatsky have formed an indestructible combination straightening the smiles of hundreds of patients effectively.


OptiSmile works with only the best dentists to ensure that you smile with confidence and reach all of your dental goals. We never compromise quality and an OptiSmile approved smile is a smile for life.

“I highly recommend OptiSmile, they picked up dental issues that were missed by other dentists”

Imagine your most confident smile ever.

OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre in Sea Point is Cape Town’s premier multi-specialty destination for oral health enhancement, smile rejuvenation, and complete restoration. Providing world-class dentistry, our warm, professional team will put you at ease with indulgent service and care. We will look after you like royalty. Your smile, guaranteed. 


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