Imagine designing the perfect smile and then making it a reality.
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Smiling with confidence and vitality is something everyone deserves. OptiSmile`s advanced approach to dentistry puts the power of confidence in your reach. 

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Smile Makeover

"The dental, hygienist and orthodontic services are absolutely excellent. The staff are extremely helpful, polite and friendly. Making appointments is slick and easy. Nothing is too much trouble for the team. Everyone is friendly, compassionate and highly professional. "

What is a full smile make-over?

If your smile isn’t what it used to be, a Hollywood-style smile makeover treatment may be in order. As opposed to a singular correction like a veneer placement or teeth whitening, a smile makeover is a series of cosmetic dental procedures designed to address major smile imperfections. Learn more about how OptiSmile can help you.

Why would i need a smile make-over?

A makeover shouldn’t be confused with a full-mouth dental reconstruction, though both procedures share common and overlapping elements. Whereas a smile makeover is largely a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures, a full-mouth dental reconstruction is designed to restore both the look and function of your smile.

Smile Make-over Results! Wow!

OptiSmile has been at the forefront of advanced dentistry within Cape Town for years nd we have seen the lives of our patients change for the better because they decided to invest in their smiles. As passionate dental professionals we thrive on providing world class dentistry to our patients and it`s results like these that truly mean everything.

Smile make-over cost download.

Download our OptiSmile pricing guide to gain a deeper understanding with the costs involved when straightening your teeth. When looking to redesign your smile and have a complete make-over it`s best to book a free video consultation to discuss your specific needs with an experienced OptiSmile Dentist.

Cape Town`s Premier Smile Makeover

Investing in your smile is one of the single most important things you could possibly do.

Your smile is a big part of who you are and how people see you. Recent studies have shown that how you smile affects your confidence, relationships, job opportunities, and how people engage with you. At OptiSmile, we aim to enhance your smile boosting your overall appearance and restoring your confidence to an all new high.

With a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your needs, the OptiSmile team can rejuvenate your smile by combining several effective cosmetic dentistry procedures – so you can truly achieve the smile of your dreams. Depending upon your unique concerns, our team can incorporate various dental treatments that covers every aspect of what you may need for your dream smile.

Stained and discolored teeth, unsightly gaps and uneven spacing, crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth, chips, cracks and missing teeth are a few of the issues we restore fully when doing a smile makeover. No matter what, OptiSmile can help!

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"Best experience I've had, the whole team is amazing thank you Dr Shaa, a very patient, kind and professional Dr. My mouth feels clean I will definitely be back. I would give 10 stars not 5!"

Why Would I Need a Smile Makeover?

Your smile is the first thing people see when they meet you. It helps set your confidence and personality, which can have an effect on everything from social gatherings to business introductions or performance appraisals.


People notice how well someone looks in their teeth- so do their peers! A crooked or misshaped tooth might make them think less of yourself than if it were fixed . If this sounds like something that concerns you then don’t worry; we have the most skilled dental professionals here at OptiSmile with all kinds of expertise will help fix what’s wrong quickly without causing any pain whatsoever. 


Smile Makeovers are suitable for people who want more than just fixing minor issues with alignment; it’s an aesthetic transformation that will help you feel confident in yourself! 


With a smile makeover, we change the shape of your teeth, the lining of your gums and correct the alignment of any crooked or displaced teeth. You can get the desired aesthetic that will compliment your facial structure and features.

Smile Makeover With Teeth Whitening

The Features Of A Beautiful Smile

All smiles are unique but that does not mean you can`t emulate the best features of the kind of smile you would love to have.


We recommend that our patients bring a reference along with them to allow our skilled team of dentists to see what your smile goals are as they build your custom dental plan to reach your goals as quickly as possible.  

What makes a beautiful smile is healthy-looking teeth. Good looking teeth are clean, have a natural white colour and fit the mouth perfectly. Sometimes our natural teeth become discoloured over time, are uneven in structure or are simply disproportional to the rest of our face. A perfect smile has all of these components corrected. The teeth are the same size, are not too big or too small, the colour is a pearly white that fits your skin tone and your gums are well aligned for the size and structure of your teeth and lips.

A free video consultation with an OptiSmile dentist is the fastest way to start your smile makeover journey!

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How To Get A Smile Makeover

When you walk in to our office, we’ll start by talking through what’s going on with your teeth and jawline. You might be surprised at all of the information that will come up during this process!


Your OptiSmile cosmetic dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth, bite and gum health before deciding whether or not you are eligible for Smile Makeover treatment. If they determine that there is an issue with misaligned bites or advanced periodontal disease among other things then it might be recommended to postpone beginning this process until those issues have been resolved first. 


Following your evaluation and the treatment of any significant issues, the OptiSmile team will present you with a comprehensive treatment plan. 


Your unique plan will consist of all of the unique treatments you need in order to have the smile of your dreams. Treatments and procedures will be scheduled to allow you adequate recovery time, while fitting into your schedule. At every step of the way, OptiSmile team will be there for you, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

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What`s Included In A Smile Makeover?

Teeth Straightening

OptiSmile is proud to be Cape Town`s 1st platinum level Genuine Invisalign provider. Dr. Harris Smeyatsky is one of the most skilled Orthodontists in the world with Invisalign being his number 1 method for straightening teeth predictably and accurately.

Tooth Implants

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums, in order to provide bone-like support for the replacement teeth that will be placed onto it. We use the highest quality dental implants.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic technique in which composite resin is shaped and moulded on your teeth to give the appearance of a straighter, whiter smile. It can be used as a cosmetic solution to chipped teeth and gapped teeth.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are custom made to fit over teeth, providing a natural, attractive look. They can be used to fix chipped, stained, misaligned, worn down, uneven or abnormally spaced teeth.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring shapes your gums to fit your teeth structure. This results in a less gummy smile. If your gums seem too big for your smile, or they protrude awkwardly, a gum contour may be a part of your smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is the process of lightening the color of human teeth. Whitening is often desirable when teeth become yellowed over time for a number of reasons, and can be achieved by changing the intrinsic or extrinsic color of the tooth enamel.

Top Rated Dentist Cape Town

With over 200 five star reviews on Google and Facebook, I personally guarantee that my OptiSmile team will make your experience something to rave about as well.  



I returned to South Africa after 32 years abroad in London, San Diego and Perth to build this state-of-the-art dentistry facility spread out over 500 square meters. 


We are the premier multi-speciality practice of this kind in Cape Town. We offer Genuine Invisalign Orthodontics (clear braces), WOW! Cosmetic teeth whitening, periodontics (bleeding gums and recession), prosthodontics (implants, dentures and bridges), endodontics (root canals), oral surgery (wisdom teeth and extractions) and veneers, bonding and much more. We use microscopes, 3D scanners, digital 3D printing, low radiation CBCT 3D X-ray scans and DSD digital smile design


I feel our practice is unique, and our reviews will help you make up your mind. Call, email or WhatsApp today for an appointment.

“I am so relieved that I went to Dr Yudelman! I had such a rough time trying to resolve an issue that was created by a previous dentist. He took so much care and carved extra time out to get the source of the problem. He made sure to explain everything to me in detail. He was gentle. He considered the whole picture and even looked into my ongoing migraine issue & had Dr. Harris consult me on that, offering a possible solution. ”

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OptiSmile is Cape Town`s premier provider of Invisalign orthodontics. We have over 180+ five star reviews.

Brighten Your Smile

A smile so bright it lights up the room. Smile with confidence with our renowned OptiSmile WOW! Whitening.

Restore Your Smile

Chipped, cracked or missing teeth replaced accurately & with aesthetic precision fully restoring confidence.

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11 Million Smiles Straightened

As Cape Town`s premier provider of the Invisalign Clear Aligners we are proud to see our patients radiating confidence through bright and beautifully straightened smiles.

Imagine your most confident smile ever.

OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre in Sea Point is Cape Town’s premier multi-specialty destination for oral health enhancement, smile rejuvenation, and complete restoration. Providing world-class dentistry, our warm, professional team will put you at ease with indulgent service and care. We will look after you like royalty. Your smile, guaranteed. 


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