Dentist Cape Town – September is national oral health month. Watch Dr Clifford Yudelman from OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre Sea Point interview and shed light on some of the following: sensitive teeth, gum disease, bleeding gums, teeth whitening, oral health and many other things. 00:06 thank you so much for keeping it locked 00:08 september 00:08 to have a founder and principal dentist 00:37 at OptiSmile advanced dentistry 00:41 and implant center in cape town dr 00:44 Clifford Yudelman joining us to 00:45 a 01:11 can we do about sensitive teeth and in 01:14 particular bleeding gums 01:16 okay well sensitive teeth 01:19 sensitivity on biting 02:00 02:16 bleeding gums the most common one of the 02:18 is flossing so important so 02:59 periodontitis what’s the difference 03:29 so gingivitis is is reversible you just 03:32 periodontitis 04:03 but particularly in smokers their gums 04:06 want to know more about teeth whitening 05:09 let’s start with 05:10 the teeth whitening process itself how 05:12 long does it or should it last how long 05:14 will your teeth stay white so after a 05:15 process 05:16 is it permanent or does it kind of wear 05:18 off so 05:19 most people should be getting a 07:08 professional cleaning every six months 07:10 and seeing the dentist once a year there 07:12 are patients that i see 07:14 that have fantastic teeth and i say you 07:17 know 07:18 you come back in 12 months for a 07:19 cleaning and we only need to see you in 07:21 24 months 07:22 and there’s other people they come in 07:24 every six months and there’s always 07:26 p find a dentist that you trust ask your 08:25 friends 08:26 read reviews go go online 08:30 do your research and when you see that 08:33 09:03 go and google the best dentist in cape town 09:06 town i have a feeling his name will pop 09:07 up um thank you so much for for taking 09:09 this time out 09:10 and for for uh proudly supporting your 09:12 industry as well during 09:13 national oral health month um just a few 09:16 tips on how we can take better care 09:18 of our own oral health something that’s 09:20 going to put you in good state for the 09:22 rest of your life so make those 09:23 adjustments 09:34