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Dr Clifford Yudelman Optismile Dentista Sea Point Perto de Mim

Hi there, my name is Dr Clifford Yudelman.

I’m the founder of OptiSmile. With over 240 five-star reviews on Google and Facebook, I guarantee that my OptiSmile team will make your experience something to rave about.  

Why does OptiSmile Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry exist?

OptiSmile is the premier multi-speciality cosmetic practice of this kind in Cidade do Cabo. We are not an empório or group of individual dentists sharing space; we are one united team of professional dentists and hygienists who work as a team to achieve the best oral health and smile for you.

A paixão impulsiona nossos dentistas na OptiSmile Cape TownCosmetic and functional dentistry is in our veins.

A alma da nossa equipa é simples: fazer o melhor trabalho no menor tempo possível com os melhores materiais dentáriosComo resultado, obtemos um valor excepcional pelo dinheiro, serviços premium e resultados duradouros para nossos pacientes odontológicos.

Our entire philosophy is established on achieving the best oral health, best functionality, and best dental aesthetics. We understand that cranial, facial, dental, and oral problems must be evaluated, understood, and ultimately managed to achieve facial and individual beauty. Therefore, the challenge of combining the triad of phonetics, function and aesthetics has always been the primary therapeutic goal of leading dentists in Cape Town. Smile makeovers require a healthy start. Digital Smile Design can only be used when the teeth and gums are healthy and in the correct position. Cosmetic outcome is dependent on many factors, and we consider everything.

How did OptiSmile Cosmetic Dentistry start in Cape Town?

Retornei à Cidade do Cabo, na África do Sul, depois de 32 anos no exterior em Londres, San Diego e Perth para construir esta instalação odontológica de última geração, espalhada por 500 metros quadrados.

My inspiration for returning to South Africa was threefold.

  • My high school sweetheart Robyn Zinman lived here in Sea Point, and after 37 years apart, we were reunited on Facebook. So, I returned to the beautiful Western Cape and the African continent to be with her again.
  • My dad and mentor, Dr Louis Yudelman, was a well-renowned dentist in Johannesburg and practised dentistry to the highest standard for 57 years. He inspired me to make OptiSmile the centre for cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers in Sea point.
  • Cidade do Cabo, the Indian and Atlantic oceans, Chapman’s Peak cycling route, the Cape Winelands, Sea Point Promenade, Nelson Mandela’s children, and Africa’s rainbow nation were calling me back to the land of my birth.

What is the fuss about DSD digital smile design, and how can that help me?

Nós oferecemos Ortodontia genuína Invisalign (aparelhos transparentes); UAU! Clareamento cosmético dos dentes, design digital de sorriso

Além disso, na OptiSmile, temos periodontia (gengiva sangrando e recessão), próteses (implantes, dentaduras e pontes), endodontia (canais radiculares), cirurgia oral (dentes do siso e extrações) e folheados, colagem e muito mais.

Usamos microscópios, scanners 3D, modelos 3D, engenharia reversa, re-esmaltação, impressão 3D digital, varreduras de raios-X 3D CBCT de baixa radiação,  e Design de sorriso digital DSD.

So, get ready for your new smile!

What about all your Google reviews?

With our passion for dentistry and people, we have connected a unique team of highly qualified specialists and dentists under one roof. We are working together to achieve the best treatment for every patient. This shows in our reviews on Google if you search for “best dentist Cape Town.”

Our practice is unique, and our reviews on Google have more reviews than any other practice. It’s not about the number of reviews, take time to read the last five or ten Google reviews and see what people have said about achieving their best-optimised smile. I trust this will help you make up your mind. So, call email or WhatsApp today for an appointment.

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Aplicativo Invisalign Smileview
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OptiSmile Digital Smile Design DSD-guided by nature, driven by technology

Quais são os benefícios de DSD?

  • See your new smile’s shapes, proportions, and positions using 3D simulations.
  • Get a sexy, confident smile in just minutes.
  • See what your smile will look like before treatment
  • Start treatment with conviction.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re making the right decision for your smile.
  • See how your teeth will look after orthodontic treatment with active clear Invisalign Aligners.
  • Convince yourself that cosmetic dental treatment is the right choice for you
  • Smile with confidence, knowing that OptiSmile can help you achieve the perfect smile
  • Dentists sometimes recommend treatments that aren’t necessary or old-fashioned.
  • Preview your new smile and make an informed decision
  • Quick, easy, and painless.

A new smile can profoundly impact your life and your self-confidence. So, we are passionate about creating unique treatment plans for each patient. These plans are minimally invasive, saving your precious enamel yet powerful enough to give you a smile they’ve always wanted.

We understand that every patient is unique, so we take the time to know each patient and their individual dental needs. We believe that this personalized approach is the key to providing our patients with high-quality dental care.

What is Digital Smile Design- DSD?

DSD technology is the future of digital smile design! Our dentists use this technology to create a perfect simulation of your teeth, so you can see what your new smile will look like before you commit. We’re one of the very few dental clinics in Cape Town that offers this service. We’re proud to provide our patients with the best possible experience. So, visit us today and see how OptiSmile can change your life!

How can Digital Smile Design affect me?

  • A new smile can profoundly impact your life and your self-confidence. With Digital Smile Design, we use advanced digital planning software to design a beautiful, natural smile explicitly tailored to YOUR unique facial features, facial proportions, and personality.
  • Digital Smile Design and protocols help us work with you as a team to ensure you are satisfied with the aesthetic outcome even before the procedure begins.
  • Is Digital Smile Design minimally invasive, and will I save my enamel?
  • With Digital Smile Design and protocols, we can work with you as a team. We have a passion for creating unique treatment plans for each patient that are minimally invasive yet powerful enough to produce stunning results.
  • How does the Digital Smile Design help ensure patient satisfaction?
  • It is an innovative new form of dentistry that focuses on your experience throughout the treatment.

What are the Digital Smile Design protocols?

  • We are passionate about creating unique treatment plans for each patient. These plans are minimally invasive yet powerful enough to make people notice their amazing natural smiles.
  • We have some of the best dentists and technology to ensure you are in the best hands.
  • We upload your actual tooth data in the 3D world with extensive photos, videos, intraoral scans and CBCT scans if necessary.
  • Digitization of cases. Our smile architects use the latest technology to create 2D and 3D images to help us with treatment planning.
  • From there, we use DSD design application to create your new smile in real-time during this essential digital treatment planning.
  • We design your new smile’s shapes, proportions, and positions using 3D simulations using the latest dental design technology—digital treatment planning.
  • See your new simulated smile in your photos and videos, and try out your new smile with state-of-the-art temporary restorations.

Getting a beautiful smile that’s precisely right for you has never been easier or more convenient. PLUS, so you can help shape your smile and test your results before treatment begins—digital innovation. We use the latest Digital Smile Design (DSD) software to ensure rapid treatment planning. In addition, we guarantee efficient patient-dentist communication to allow you to express your needs and desires while being as proactive as possible.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a new way to design smiles using 3D simulations. With DSD, we can show you what your new smile will look like before treatment begins.

Digital Smile Design is a globally recognized treatment protocol that uses high-resolution photos, videos, and scans of a patient’s teeth and face to predict the outcome of specific treatments accurately.

Como funciona?

We design your new smile’s shapes, proportions, and positions using 3D simulations using the latest dental design technology—digital treatment planning. See your new simulated smile in your photos and videos and try out your new smile with state-of-the-art.

Funcionários simpáticos

Uma grande quantidade de profissionais dentais nacionais e internacionais experientes estão disponíveis em OptiSmile.

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Many people search on Google for a Dentist Near Me, but the truth is the best dentist for you may be a few suburbs away or on the other side of town.

In searching our database, where most of our patients come from, we found the following postal codes and suburbs in Cape Town. In addition, we have many patients who regularly visit Cape Town from abroad, and they have made OptiSmile their dental practice of choice.

8000 Cape Town CBD – Foreshore, Cape Town City Centre, V & A Waterfront, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
8001 Cape Town, Western Cape
8005 Bakoven, Camps Bay, Green Point, Mouille Point, Sea Point, Three Anchor Bay
8051 Green Point
8010 Jardins
8012 Cape Town City Centre
7806 Constantia, Deurdrif, Hout Bay, Hout Bay Harbour, Meadowridge, Scott Estate, Silverhurst
7848 Constantia
7441 Bothasig, Century City, Killarney Gardens, Melkbosstrand, Milnerton, Montague Gardens, Parklands, Table View
7925 Observatory, Salt River, Woodstock, Zonnebloem
7700 Claremont, Mowbray, Newlands, Rondebosch, Rondebosch – Rosebank, Rosebank
7708 Claremont, Kenilworth
8040 Bakoven, Camps Bay
7945 Bergvliet, Dreyersdal, Elfindale, Kirstenhof, Lakeside, Muizenberg, Retreat, Tokai, Westlake
7800 Diep River, Ottery, Plumstead, Southfield, Wynberg

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Como principal fornecedor de alinhadores transparentes Invisalign da Cidade do Cabo, estamos orgulhosos de ver nossos pacientes irradiando confiança por meio de sorrisos brilhantes e bem alinhados.

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