What is TMJ and How is it Treated?

A child with her hand on her cheek, signalling jaw pain and the need for dental care.

TMJ Disorder: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders cause pain when children chew, speak or yawn. The joint connects the lower jaw to the skull and reaches its adult position during the teenage years. Key takeaways: –  A dentist will identify the cause of your child’s TMJ pain before a treatment plan is developed. – Non-invasive treatments such as a splint can help reduce stress on the joint and reduce teeth grinding. – A misaligned bite deemed to be causing the TMJ pain may need to be referred to an orthodontist. “If your child is grinding their teeth, either a TMJ splint or a mouthguard will be needed to help curb the damage. You can also limit hard foods, use warm or cold packs on the affected area, or employ the help of physical therapy or even massage to help stop your child’s TMJ discomfort.” Read the full story here https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/tmj-treatment-options-for-children/  
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