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The iTero Scanner

Advanced Leica Microscopes

Orthophos 3D X-ray


Dental Technology from the future. the future of dentistry.

Our practice is equipped with the finest treatment and diagnostic technology in the world, which means unparalleled dentistry for all your dental treatments, from the simplest procedure to the most advanced.

Equipped with the most advanced dental technology available OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre has the tools to give you the confident smile you deserve that will last a lifetime.

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Dental Technology 1


Computer assisted creation of ceramic inlays, veneers, bridges and implants, all in one visit. Find out how our CAD/CAM technology works to redesign your teeth.

Dental Technology 2

The Numbing Wand

Fear of injections and pain is the number one fear of people visiting the dentist. The numbing wand is minimally invasive.

Dental Technology 3

Orthophos 3D X-ray

Leave no molar unturned. The Orthophos 3D X-ray produces extremely accurate 3D images of your mouth to help us detect any dental problems.

Dental Technology

Leica Microscope

The rolls royce of microscopes. At OptiSmile, we perform even our dental cleaning at 6x magnification so we never miss a thing. Find out more about our microscopes.

Dental Technology 4

Digital Smile Design

Find out exactly what you want before any dental work starts. Thanks to advanced CAD CAM technology, Digital Smile Design allows you to be the co-creator of your new smile, down to the very last detail.

Dental Technology 5

Diagnodent Laser

Our special laser illuminates any cavities hidden under your enamel, or in hard to see nooks and crannies of your mouth. Find out how it works.

Advanced Dental Technology

No need for embarrassment! As dentists, we see these dental problems every day and we are here to help you without judgement.

Dental Technology 6

Smile with Invisalign™

Have you always wanted straighter teeth without metal braces? Genuine, original Invisalign with over 9 million satisfied patients worldwide. 3D printed clear aligners from the USA can straighten your teeth in 6 months.

Dental Technology 7

Brighten Your Smile

Genuine, original Philips ZOOM Teeth Whitening remove stains and discoloration, lightens teeth and greatly improves how they look. Our hygienist Emma King is South Africa’s leading expert in ZOOM.

Dental Technology 8

Bleeding Gums Periodontal disease?

Do you have bleeding gums, bad breath or loose teeth…you need a periodontist specialist. Periodontists also place implants and restore receding gums. OptiSmile can help.

Dental Technology 9

Book An Appointment

Comprehensive exam with the dentist, panoramic x-ray, intra-oral photos and cleaning with our OptiSmile oral hygienist. Please call for details.

common Dental Problems

No need for embarrassment! As dentists, we see these dental problems every day and we are here to help you without judgement.

Damaged Teeth

From sensitive teeth to outright missing teeth, due to emergency or decay, find out more about our treatments.

Missing Tooth

Broken Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

I Have Limited Time

Time For a Checkup

Has it been years since a dentist looked into your mouth? Don`t be shy, prevention is better than cure!

Bleeding Gums

Bad Breath

Plaque & Tartar Buildup

It`s Time For a Checkup

Unsightly Teeth

Do you have stained or yellowing teeth? Are your teeth crooked and fighting each other for space?

I Want a Great Smile!

I have Limited Time!

I need Straighter Teeth

I need Teeth Replaced

Worried about finance?
For procedures not fully covered by medical aid, there are a range of dental finance options to help make your investment in your teeth more manageable.