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How Does Whitening Work?

Learn about the flagship whitening treatment WOW! Way of whitening. The scientifically driven product range used by OptiSmile and how it all works together to brighten your smile by up to 9 shades. Pro level teeth whitening in record time.

Which Whitening Products?

Learn about the various services covered within the stunning world of cosmetic dentistry. Our flagship ABC treatment, digital smile design, dental veneers, dental implants and how we transform smiles from zero to hero.

Teeth Whitening Results!

Teeth whitening results vary from patient to patient. Our WOW! Whitening process guarantees to leave your smile in a dramatically better position than it was previously and all of our patients see stunning results with the treatment.

Teeth whitening costs?

OptiSmile has revolutionized the process of getting your teeth whitened. Our teeth whitening packages are built around convenience and the best possible value for your needs. Download our teeth whitening guide below.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Only teeth whitening agents can remove the stubborn extrinsic stains and the unsightly intrinsic stains that cause your teeth to look discolored.



Stains on teeth can be classified in one of two ways: extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains appear on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains live between the microcracks in your enamel and deep within your dentin (the layer of your tooth underneath your enamel). Whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses may be able to remove some of the extrinsic stains on your teeth.


It’s no secret that a mouth full of whiter teeth provides benefits, the most obvious being – a brighter more attractive smile. Stains or overall discoloration tends to dull your smile, so regardless of how widely you smile or heartily you laugh, your expressiveness has missing something. Whiter teeth restore this missing dimension to your self-esteem. 


Another obvious benefit is that of better oral health. With the removal of stains during a professional whitening session, your teeth can strengthen and become healthier, which increases the overall health of your gums as well as that of your entire mouth. Another common reason for tooth whitening is the effect it can have on your love life. 


OptiSmile`s WOW! Whitening solution is based on science and not marketing hype. We approach our work with confidence understanding that the methods we implement to whiten teeth are effective and safe for our patients.

Teeth Straightening For Kids And Teenagers

Which Teeth Whitening Products Do We Use?

In-Office Whitening with Opalescence BOOST!


One of the most powerful ways to whiten your teeth, Opalescence BOOST allows you to have an OptiSmile dental professional to apply this teeth whitening solution in-office at our stunning dental practice in Sea Point.



Well known to be one of the best teeth whitening options within the Opalescence range you could have a brighter, more natural looking smile in under an hour! This allows people who are on a tight schedule to maximize their teeth whitening results in a short amount of time. 


The benefits of this teeth whitening option is that it`s applied meticulously by an OptiSmile dentist and it`s chemically activated meaning there is no hot UV light required to speed up the procedure. The tooth whitening gel contains PF / Potassium nitrate and fluoride which maintains the health of the enamel throughout the whitening process.


The results within 1 hour are dramatic with your teeth whitening by up to 8 or 9 shades!

Wow! Teeth Whitening Cape Town &Quot;Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening&Quot; And &Quot;Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa.&Quot; 1
Wow! Teeth Whitening Cape Town &Quot;Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening&Quot; And &Quot;Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa.&Quot; 2

Take Home Whitening with Opalescence PF! 


Teeth whitening at home has become a highly sought after level of convenience that provides exceptional results and never comprises on any aspect of quality. It`s so easy to whiten your teeth at home with this amazing product and with a few easy steps you`ll have a smile so bright it`s going to light up the room.



Opalescence take-home whitening gel is perfect for people who want a lot of options. With four different concentrations and three flavors, you can wear Opalescence for as little as 30 minutes per day—or even overnight! Dispensed only by a licensed dental professional, Opalescence take-home whitening gel allows you to get professional whitening results at your convenience in a safe, effective, and customized way!


Considered an easy way to whiten teeth the take home kit is formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse, there are four concentrations for treatment flexibility and it comes in 3 pleasant flavors including mint, melon or regular.



Teeth Whitening Results in Cape Town

Optismile Teeth Whitening Results Patient 1
Optismile Teeth Whitening Results Patient 2
Optismile Teeth Whitening Results Patient 3
Wow! Teeth Whitening Cape Town &Quot;Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening&Quot; And &Quot;Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa.&Quot; 3
Wow! Teeth Whitening Cape Town &Quot;Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening&Quot; And &Quot;Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa.&Quot; 4
Wow! Teeth Whitening Cape Town &Quot;Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening&Quot; And &Quot;Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa.&Quot; 5

Easy Steps Toward Beautiful White Teeth

Boosting Confidence

Only the upper teeth are treated in the first week. Included is a follow-up at one week to see how you are doing. WOW! is not a one-size-fits-all whitening program. We customize your treatment fully.

Younger Appearance

The lower teeth can be prone to sensitivity and zingers, and this can put you off treatment if you are using a higher concentration. Your comfort is our top priority here at OptiSmile.

Memorable Events

Teeth whiten at a different rate for each person, and the only reliable way to see if and how quickly the prescribed treatment is working is to compare the upper teeth to the lower teeth after one week.

First Impressions

After the initial first week, the dentist can prescribe another 2-4 weeks with upper and lower, or up to 3 months depending on your situation

White For Life

WOW! does not depend on a particular brand or concentration. WOW! does not depend on marketing hype. WOW! is based purely on current dental science.

OptiSmile Hygiene

WOW! patients benefit in every way compared to other available options. We have built 3 packages to fit the needs of every individual looking for a brighter smile.

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Teeth Whitening Cape Town FAQ

Ask Us Anything

Teeth whitening products help to remove surface stains and discolouration but don’t change the actual colour of the teeth. These could be anything from toothpaste to a professional cleaning with your oral hygienist.


Bleaching is a chemical process which changes the internal colour of the teeth, lightens them and dramatically improves how they look.


There is no such thing as a one size fits all bleaching procedure, and each person should have a customised bleaching program that suits them and their teeth.


Once you have whitened your “pearly whites”, they will need maintenance, and it’s essential to carry out home maintenance using customised bleaching trays and good oral hygiene.


However, getting this done by a qualified  dentist using high-quality teeth whitening products means longer-lasting results without the damage and minimal to no discomfort.


Bleaching is a chemical process which changes the internal colour of the teeth, lightens them and greatly improves how they look.


There is no such thing as a one size fits all bleaching procedure and each person should have a customised bleaching program that suits them and their teeth. 


In order to maintain the beautiful pearly whites for years to come, its essential to carry out home maintenance using Custom Gel Retainers and good oral hygiene.


However, getting this properly done by a qualified dentist using high quality teeth whitening products means longer lasting results without the damage and minimal to no discomfort.

The most common reasons your teeth become yellow or stained are:

  • Tobacco use
  • Consumption of dark-coloured liquids like coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Poor dental hygiene

Ageing also makes teeth less bright because your tooth enamel gets thinner and the dentine becomes darker. It is also possible to have stains inside the tooth called intrinsic stains, which can be caused from physical trauma to your teeth or exposure to antibiotics during childhood.

Over the Counter (whitening toothpastes and strips)

These products will help with removing surface stains only and most won’t actually change the colour of your teeth. Many over the counter products are very acidic and can cause severe damage to your teeth and support structures, as well as your fillings/restorations. 


Your dental professional is always the best person to ask when it comes to which product you should be using. Professional whitening products sold by dentists and oral hygienists, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes are far safer for your teeth than over the counter alternatives. 


Any bleaching products that have not been customised to fit the individual’s mouth can cause severe damage to the gums as well as the teeth, even if they don’t contain hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.


Take-Home Treatments (Professional take-home whitening using customised trays)


This option requires an appointment with the dentist  to customise a bleaching program to suit both you and your teeth. Cleaning will be done, followed by impressions for the take-home bleaching trays. 


These usually take about 24 hours to prepare and make. You will then be given a 2-3 syringes of gel to use on the upper teeth for a week, before you return to evaluate the results and further gel to be prescribed. 


The reason for the staining on your teeth will determine the strength of peroxide gel to be used and the length of time you will need to bleach. 


One person may achieve their desired results within two weeks using Peroxide for 30 minutes per day, and another may need to continue for up to 3 months to achieve their desired results. 


It’s perfectly safe to continue whitening for more extended periods as long as the teeth are still changing colour. Our dentist will see you regularly over this time to ensure the correct use of the product and to help you with your bleaching program by taking before and after photos and shades and monitoring your progress. 


You will need to avoid any foods and drinks that can stain a white top for up to an hour after each take-home bleaching session.




We  offer in-chair whitening as part of the OptiSmile WOW! System and only take-home whitening (bleaching) options.

Instructions for home bleaching again vary from one person to the next depending on the type of stains we are dealing with. 


The slower gradual home bleaching that one can do in combination with the in-chair whitening the longer the colour holds and the more stable the result. This also means less maintenance in the long run. 


Think about having to lose 30 kilograms and just expecting to plug yourself into a machine and think your problems have been solved. The slower and the more gradual the process the longer the results.

Every whitening case should be customized to suit both the person and their teeth. If you have sensitivity before the whitening chances are you will experience a little during the process.There are also desensitizing gels available and can be used before and after whitening. 


Sensitivity can be controlled by the clinician by first providing you with UltraEZ™ Desensitizing Gel or Pola Soothe. The type of take-home whitening is also essential to help minimize any sensitivity. Wear time is a great factor in sensitivity – decrease this by increasing the percentage of the take-home gel, and you can wear the take-home trays, e.g. 30 minutes per time.  


If you do experience any sensitivity, it’s temporary, usually just a few hours and goes away completely. The actual whitening gel penetrates all the way through to the centre of the tooth where the nerve is, so it doesn’t mean there is something wrong. Most people experience little to no sensitivity.

Professional whitening changes the colour of your teeth while whitening pens and strips generally dissolve surface stains and can maybe change the colour by max 1 or 2 shades. 


They are definitely “whitening” products rather than professional bleaching. They are good for maintenance when your desired result has been achieved. 


Be careful of strips with a high hydrogen peroxide content as they are straight and not customized to fit your teeth/mouth and can cause significant damage to the gums.

OptiSmile offers a free video consultation with the dentist first and then when you come in for an exam and any necessary xrays, you will be assessed at no charge for teeth whitening.

Bleaching is different from whitening in that you are changing the internal colour of the teeth and not just removing surface stains. 


To do this, you need to use a hydrogen or carbamide peroxide which penetrates into the tooth and decolourises the staining molecules held deep within the tooth, right up against the nerve. 


The nerve can become stimulated, and you may experience some sensitivity for a few hours, but this can be controlled by your dental professional enormously. 


You may also receive desensitizing gels to use at home, but mostly this can all be prevented and customized for each patient. Bleaching is not a one size fits all approach, and each person should have a custom plan prescribed by a dentist.

No! OptiSmile is one of the premier teeth whitening providers in Cape Town. Through our research and extensive product testing we have found the Opalescence teeth whitening range out performs all other brands on the market.

Professional whitening usually involves products that are approved by International Dental associations to ensure no damage to the tooth. 


If a person achieves their maximum whitening result and continues to bleach, that’s when you can cause damage. It’s essential to follow the instructions from your dental professional with regards to achieving and maintaining your bleaching / whitening results. 


In South Africa, it is illegal for anyone other than a dentist or hygienist to use these products.

Depending on your teeth, both the take-home and the in chair options can achieve maximum whiteness. 


Both the take-home whitening and the in-chair whitening need to be customized to suit each person and the in chair needs to be combined with take-home whitening to ensure the colour holds and so you can maintain the colour at home monthly. 


Home bleaching may take an average of 4-6 weeks, and the more in chair whitening you do, the less homework you need to do. Once results have been achieved its easy to keep the colour looking good in as little as 30 mins once a month at home

Kindly book your free video consultation to discuss all the details.

It’s common to achieve results 6-8 shades lighter. It depends on what type of stain you have; your dental professional will discuss more with you during your check-up. 


Everyone reaches a different result, and only 2-3% of people will achieve “Hollywood” whiteness from bleaching alone. Teeth aren’t meant to glow in the dark, so you will still have a natural look after your whitening, but whiter results do require more bleaching. 


You always need to bleach first and then match new dental work to the desired outcome rather than trying to match your tooth colour to abnormally whitening dental work. Everyone has a different whitening endpoint where the teeth stop changing colour. 


This is when you need to stop bleaching and go onto maintenance to avoid damage to the tooth itself, which is just another reason to ensure you have a professional dental clinician guiding you through the process from beginning to end.

For best results, your teeth must be free of any plaque. Oral health always comes first. You can’t whiten if you have gum disease or large areas of decay, for example. 


Most small fillings can be blocked out and attended to after the whitening, but more extensive areas of decay can end up causing severe pain and issues with the nerve if ignored. 


When time allows, we suggest a cleaning a week or two before the whitening to enable the gums to settle down, but in some cases, this can be done on the same day as the whitening. 

This depends on the program that has been customised for you. It could take a week of home whitening to 3 months of home whitening. Each  kit works differently; therefore, you should consult a qualified dentist before deciding on a course of action.

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