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Valentines Day & Bad Breath

Chapters Chapter 1: Introduction and Background [00:00:00 – 00:02:15] Dr. Clifford Yudelman introduces himself and recounts his lifelong aspiration to become a dentist, inspired by

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Optismile's highly experienced team of dental professionals is ready to provide top-notch dental care in Cape Town.
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Mask Off Party OptiSmile

Celebrating in Style With Our Patients and Partners at OptiSmile SmileView App Launch View this post on Instagram A post shared by OptiSmile (@optismile) We

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Dentist smiling while working at Optismile in Seapoint, Cape Town, showing a friendly and professional environment.
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Dentist Sea Point

Looking for a Dentist in Sea Point? Tired of hiding your smile from others? Wish you could finally do something about your discolored, cracked, or

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A child pointing at damaged teeth showcasing the need for dental intervention.
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What is a Gum Graft?

Understanding Gum Grafts: All You Need to Know In severe cases of gum disease gums recede and roots of teeth are exposed making them vulnerable

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