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Having dental X-rays taken can often form part of a dentist visit. They are an extremely useful visual tool that can help a dentist establish the state of teeth and tissues that can’t be seen during a standard oral examination. They are very often instrumental in identifying potential problems, before they start causing bigger problems.

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orthophos X-Rays in 3 Dimensions

orthophos X-Rays in 3 Dimensions

Dental Technology

Leica Microscope

The rolls royce of microscopes. At OptiSmile, we perform even our dental cleaning at 6x magnification so we never miss a thing. Find out more about our microscopes.

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Digital Smile Design

Find out exactly what you want before any dental work starts. Thanks to advanced CAD CAM technology, Digital Smile Design allows you to be the co-creator of your new smile, down to the very last detail.

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Diagnodent Laser

Our special laser illuminates any cavities hidden under your enamel, or in hard to see nooks and crannies of your mouth. Find out how it works.

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Computer assisted creation of ceramic inlays, veneers, bridges and implants, all in one visit. Find out how our CAD/CAM technology works to redesign your teeth.

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The Numbing Wand

Fear of injections and pain is the number one fear of people visiting the dentist. The numbing wand is minimally invasive.

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Orthophos 3D X-ray

Leave no molar unturned. The Orthophos 3D X-ray produces extremely accurate 3D images of your mouth to help us detect any dental problems.

Orthophos 3D X Ray
As part of our commitment to stay at the forefront of dental innovation, we move where technology takes us. Owning one of the first Orthophos x-ray devices in the world is a testament to this commitment. The Orthophos SL 3D is our greatest investment in modern dentistry to date. It is a 360° digital x-ray scanner that produces the sharpest images available. This allows us to provide the absolute best recommendations and care possible. This process can be completed at OptiSmile and provides instant visual results.
Generally we will recommend that you have X-rays done in the following instances:
  • When there are areas of the mouth that need to be examined because an oral exam could not provide enough information
  • Before extreme dental cosmetic procedures to assist with the preparation of implants, veneers, dentures or braces
  • Detect and reveal bone loss associated with gum disease or alterations to bone structure due to infection
  • Reveal the position of tumours or cysts
  • Find the exact location of abscesses in the mouth
  • Look for decay
  • Check whether there is enough space in a person’s mouth to fit incoming teeth
  • Monitor the development of wisdom teeth to see if they are impacted or not
When you come in for you consultation with OptiSmile, your dentist will chat to you about your general and dental health and/or any cosmetic dental procedures you may already have in mind. This will likely be followed by a dental examination after which an X-ray may be recommended to help your dentist decide on the best course of treatment. The 3D X-ray Process works as follows:
  1. Using a technology called dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), thousands of little pictures are created while the Orthophos safely and comfortably performs a full rotation scan around your mouth
  2. The most precise images are stitched together to form an incomparably sharp x-ray picture or 3D image.
  3. This picture is then immediately uploaded to our computers using special software so you can view the images with us.

why come to optismile

OptiSmile is one of the first dental practices to use the Orthopos 3D Dental X-rays. This means that when you visit our practice you’ll be benefiting from the best diagnostic dental equipment in the world. Having better, more advanced visual tools at our disposal allows us to make recommendations based off of extremely high accurate imagery.

Apart from being a highly accurate diagnostic tool, the 3D X-ray technology in use by OptiSmile works in conjunction with CEREC & Digital Smile Design, which are both technologies used by us to assist in advanced restorative procedures, which includes implants and veneers.

The fact that we have most of these technologies available, means that we can provide you with the best dental smile solutions without having to come back for multiple appointments. We perform a wide number of procedures, ranging from routine to more advanced cosmetic procedures. If you would like to get more information about our procedures or would like to book an appointment, you can do so via WhatsApp, phone or email. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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