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We recognise that it can be difficult deciding on a new dentist for you and your family. Without the advice of a trusted friend who may know the crème de la crème of dentists in Cape Town, you may be faced with having to Google and choosing a name, at random. This is obviously a very nerve-wracking task, seeing as though this random person will be the one making you say “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

With over 28 years of international dental experience, Dr Clifford Yudelman provides the latest, high-tech, personalised care for all the members of your family. Our comprehensive dental services encompass general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental treatment, and we take pride in keeping up with the most innovative technologies.

Technology and Advancements at OptiSmile

Here are just a few we are currently using:

Leica Microscope

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is practice by about 2% of dentists worldwide. We now routinely do ALL of our restorative dentistry at a magnification of 16-25 times with our latest Leica M320 Dental operating microscope. This allows us to refine the edges of crowns and inlays more accurately, as well as treat cavities in the most conservative way.

Dr Yudelman likens it to the latest keyhole surgery on gallbladders and knees, with minimal invasion and repair of the defect, allowing quicker recovery and less collateral damage. The microscope is connected to a 10 megapixel video camera and we can capture images of the conditions for complete record keeping.

Numbing Wand

Our patients have also been very enthusiastic about the Numbing Wand that we started using in early 2011, as most of the time they don’t even know they have had an injection. With this great instrument, we are able to numb a single tooth instead of leaving the patient with the awkward feeling of a numb tongue or lip.

DiagnoDent Laser

Our diagnostic laser, the DiagnoDent, allows us to find cavities before they become a problem. This means teeth can be restored or sealed with very conservative white fillings long before they show up on an x-ray or get close to the nerve (root canal). We also make use of another diode laser for various treatments to the gums, especially when fitting a crown.

CEREC Restoration

No one wants to sit at the dentist all day, right? Not to mention having to return for follow-up visits. Don’t worry, that won’t happen here at OptiSmile. Why, you ask? Simply put, we offer CEREC restoration services, which allows our specialist to complete crowns, veneers, inlays and fillings in one single visit. CEREC provides a computer-designed restoration for your tooth in less than two hours – No mess, no fuss.

Give us a call today to optimise your smile. Whether you are in pain with toothache or have an urgent problem, we will always do our best to see you on the same day that you called.


Yours in dental excellence,

Dr. Clifford Yudelman

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Dr. Clifford Yudelman

Founder & Principal Dentist

As a globally recognised restorative and cosmetic dentistry expert, Clifford brings over 40 years of experience across four continents. A 1983 Bachelor of Dental Science graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, his career has spanned private practices in London, San Diego, Perth, and Cape Town. Currently the founder and principal dentist at OptiSmile, he is celebrated for transforming dental visits into positive experiences and fostering patient confidence through superior dental health, with a commitment to the latest dental technology for improved patient outcomes.

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