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Dental Veneers

A New, Improved Smile Is Within Reach. Transform Your Smile With Dental Veneers.

Veneers are a way in which dentists can drastically improve the appearance of a smile, particularly if teeth have endured extensive damage or if teeth are irregularly shaped. Fitting veneers is one of the services that we offer at OptiSmile as part of our extensive range of advanced dental treatments.

It’s our aim to preserve as much of your natural smile and also provide long term results by using the highest quality materials and latest technology. For example, we employ advanced Digital Smile Design technology to ensure our patients receive the best idea of what their new smile will look like, before we embark on any extensive dental alterations.

Dental veneers are intended to help patients who have teeth that are severely misshapen, damaged or discoloured. They are essentially custom-made shells meant to cover the front surface of the tooth. They are meant to look and act in exactly the same way as natural teeth would, but with the added benefit of your having a choice about their appearance.

Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or resin. Resin veneers require having less of the actual tooth removed as part of placement, but which option is chosen will largely depend on the state of your teeth as well as your desired outcome.

At OptiSmile it’s important for us to work with our patients with the help of proven systems to build the best smile for you. If you are unsure about your options, come in for an initial consultation. You’d be surprised at the great technologies available to help restore or even improve your smile.

This is largely dependent on the condition of your teeth, but these are some of the instances in which you may consider getting veneers:

  • Darkened, stained and discoloured teeth (due to antibiotics, age of teeth etc)
    • Thanks to the amazing properties of the veneer materials, veneers can be constructed in a way that they completely hide discolouration of teeth. And where one has only a few discoloured teeth, veneers can be used to blend the bad teeth to the colour of their healthier neighbours
  • Diastemas (gaps) between teeth in your smile line
    • Some individuals have irregular gaps between teeth which makes their smiles seem unsightly. With veneers, dental specialists can fill those gaps to make the teeth look completely naturally spaced
  • Oddly shaped later incisors (peg laterals)
    • Teeth that have irregular shapes, are crooked or improperly positioned can be masked with the help of veneers. The result is an amazingly even set of teeth that look perfectly shaped and aligned with the rest of the teeth
  • Malformed teeth
    • Individuals with broken, chipped or severely worn off teeth are ideal candidates for dental veneers
  • And in other cases
    • veneers can serve as a better alternative for patients who may be considering dental crowns. And because they last for a long time, are relatively cheaper and comparably painless (compared to other dental procedures) to install, they make the ideal choice for dealing with a number of dental issues.

Veneers may not always be the best solution for everyone and may not be recommended in instances of:

  • Insufficient tooth structure (Not enough enamel for bonding. Veneers are only successful in the long term if their tooth preparations are into enamel as the strength of the bond at the tooth-veneer interface is far stronger than it would be to to the underlying dentine)
  • Teeth angled to far facially (towards your lips)
  • Large Diastemas (large gaps)
  • Poor Oral hygiene
  • Severely maligned teeth
  • Parafunctional habits (clenching/grinding)

However, OptiSmile offers a number of solutions, so if veneers aren’t an option, there is likely to be other solutions that are better for you.

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Types of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can also be used as an alternative to crowns as they are less likely to show discolouration where the restoration meets the gum line.

There are two types of veneers that are used by our dentists:

Porcelain Veneers

Composite Veneers

The Costs of Veneers

If you are looking for dentist Cape Town prices, OptiSmile will give you an idea of what could determine the cost of the procedure. The price of dental veneers can differ depending on several factors. Factors that can affect the cost can include which material you choose for your veneers and the location of the tooth receiving the veneer. For example, composite veneers are a more affordable option than porcelain veneers, and often having a veneer applied to a front tooth costs more than that of a less visible tooth. The location that you choose to receive treatment will also affect the cost of dental veneers.

Avoid Cheap Veneers!

When it comes to dental treatment, cutting corners and opting for a cheaper option can sometimes cost you more in the long run. Dentist Cape Town prices can vary greatly.

Choosing A Cheap Veneer Will Often Lead To Issues Such As:

It is always a better option to choose a high-quality, reliable solution for your dental treatment rather than choosing a treatment based solely on the price. Cheap veneers can often lead to costly maintenance and ongoing dentist visits, as well as the embarrassment of appearing more noticeable and less natural.

Why Have Your Veneers Done At Optismile

Veneers, while an incredible dental solution, isn’t always the best option for everyone. This is why our consultation process is so important, as this is where we perfectly align what our patients want to achieve with our recommendations. Our Digital Smile Design and CAD CAM technology is hugely helpful in marrying our patient’s goals and vision with ours as dental practitioners. We will always look to preserve teeth before making any recommendations that will influence the state of your natural teeth.

However, it’s not simply just prior to procedures that we work to provide the best care. Ensuring that patients receive close to painless dental care forms a big part of our daily practices.

What Is The

Generally, we ask our patients to come in for an initial consultation, assess the condition of their teeth to see whether veneers are the best possible option. We’d always look at preserving teeth before making any drastic changes.

As part of our consultation process, we’ll do an oral examination, x-rays (if required), take photos of your mouth and then take an impression of your mouth. This is then sent to a laboratory where a wax-up is created. This is then returned to OptiSmile where we create a rubber mould is created, working with the client to find their ideal shaped teeth. This process is known as Digital Smile Design and it gives patients the opportunity to get an idea of what they are likely to expect before we embark on any actual work on the teeth themselves.

Actual application of the veneers will largely follow the following steps:

1.Preparation – This involves the removal of ½ a millimeter of enamel from the surface of the tooth. This is normally done with the help of a local anesthetic to numb the area

Another model will then be taken of your mouth, which will be sent to the laboratory where the perfect set of veneers will be created.

2. Bonding – Before veneers are cemented to your natural teeth, the veneers will be placed over the tooth to ensure it’s a good fit in terms of size and colour. The veneers, at this stage, can still be trimmed, coloured or reshaped as needed.

The teeth are cleaned and then placed onto the tooth with a special cement. Once the tooth is in the perfect position, the cement is exposed to a special light beam that causes the cement to harden, locking the veneer securely in place.

The final step involves the removal of any excess cement from between the teeth and we’ll ask you to come back to see how you are getting on with your new veneers.

We take extra care to ensure our patients are getting the best possible solution for their needs. If you are interested in getting veneers, then please feel free to come see us to discuss your option. We have advanced dental workflows in place to ensure that we are able to help patients as quickly and effectively as possible.

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