Oral Hygienist

The role of your oral hygienist

Good oral hygiene is an important part of your overall health. Oral health is linked to systemic health, so the benefits of brushing twice a day and flossing, as well as visiting your oral hygienist regularly cannot be overlooked.

Oral HygienistInitially, oral hygienists were there to simply clean your teeth and help prevent decay and gum disease, but now, with expanded courses and functions, your oral hygienist can offer you so much more.

Our oral hygienist, Emma King, has grown up in a dental family, with a Father as a dentist and over 25 years of clinical experience working for some of the country’s top dentists and specialists. Emma specialises in teeth whitening, and lectures all over the country to dentists and oral hygienists for Philips Zoom. She offers full day hands on whitening and aesthetic courses. Apart from offering oral hygiene scalings and polishings as well as the teeth whitening, Emma also takes X-rays including 3D scans, makes a variety of vacuum formed appliances such as splints, gum guards and bleaching trays, places fissure sealants and restorative sealants and loads more.

Emma works closely with the dentists in the practice and is an integral part of the overall clinical team. She can explain all the treatment options available to you, such as teeth whitening, crowns, veneers or implants.  At Optismile we believe in “Optimising” your smile, so we want to keep whatever teeth you have for as long as possible, with as little as possible destruction to the tooth. Prevention is a key role of your oral hygienist. Regular 6 monthly cleanings can not only help prevent gum disease and decay, but can play an important role in cancer screening annually and help to prevent bad breath. Most of the reasons for bad breath stem from the mouth and cleaning your tongue and flossing should be an important part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

A healthy smile is easy to achieve. It takes years off your face, makes you feel more attractive and confident, healthier in general as well as more employable. Emma offers 45 minute oral hygiene appointments for scaling and polishing, and free 15 minute whitening consultations.

Emma’s oral health tip:

Never brush within 30 minutes of eating anything acidic or that contains a high natural sugar content. This could be something simple like vinegar, tomatoes, fruit or even sparkling water. The acid causes a natural chemical erosion to take place on the tooth surface and this weakens the teeth, so you have more of a chance of stripping the tooth surface during brushing than by leaving it for 30 minutes to allow the saliva to bring in some alkalinity and help to remineralize the teeth. Breakfast is the most common time for this to occur as we tend to eat and rush and brush before we leave for school / work etc .

Avoid over the counter whitening products as they tend to do more damage to your teeth than good. Always ask your dental professional when it comes to anything to do with your teeth. Since 2009 in South Africa it became illegal for anyone other than an oral hygienist or dentist to whiten your teeth.



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