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16th August 2018

These Secrets Will Encourage You to Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

Brushing twice a day is not enough anymore when your aim is to keep your teeth in perfect condition. We all want our teeth to last us a lifetime, but the sad truth is that not all of us are committed to strict oral hygiene practices. You should be taking better care of your pearly whites because there is nothing more devastating than losing your teeth when it could have been completely avoidable.

OptiSmile is a dental clinic based in Cape Town. We are dedicated to not only providing a wide array of quality dental services in the Sea Point area, but we are also committed to helping our patients by giving them the best advice. We focus on providing you with the dental care that you need, rather than leaving you feeling as though you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, financially. We have also included emergency care in our list of services.


When you are hurriedly looking for an emergency dentist in Cape Town, keep us in mind! Accidents can happen at the worst of times, and you can’t always wait, especially when accidents happen over a weekend. Calling on an emergency dentist in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town when you are in dire need of assistance can quickly remedy an unfortunate situation.

emergency dentist cape town

Back to taking care of your teeth

Your lifetime commitment to healthy teeth begins the moment you read our reasons why you should make your teeth a priority.

  • Ageing Gums

As you get older, the chances of getting gum disease and other related illnesses like bleeding gums can actually result in bone lose and receding gums. Women are particularly at risk of this happening, when between the ages of 30 and 50. Hormonal fluctuations can make women more susceptible to gum disease, which makes having regular dental appointments very important.

  • Flossing is a big deal

You’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t floss their teeth. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t floss is because they find it time-consuming and somewhat unnecessary. But the truth is, flossing is well worth the time it takes, even if you should find that it is a bit of a struggle. To make the whole process easier, you can always tie the floss in a loop. This will make it easier to use. Flossing can clean up to 2/3 of the tooth surface and it gets into places your toothbrush can’t reach.

  • Don’t skip your dental appointments

Speak to just about anyone and you’ll probably find that most people don’t stick to their bi-yearly dental appointments. Life gets busy, sometimes dentists are a bit pricey, and in general, most people simply don’t think it is that important to stick to those appointments. The thing is, you could be doing some serious harm by not visiting the dentist. Right now your teeth might be in a great condition, but in the long run, missing appointments can do more harm than you think.

  • Mouth bacteria can affect your body

Your overall health can be affected by the bacteria in your mouth, especially unhealthy bacteria. The bacteria that cause gum disease can be found in other parts of the body. Gum disease has also been associated with diabetes and cardiovascular problems, although it is good to note that gum disease is not the cause of these health problems.

OptiSmile’s dental clinic in Cape Town aims to help you achieve optimal dental health care. Along with having a 24-hour emergency dental service, we can take care of all of your day to day dental requirements. Contact us to book your appointment.

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